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Eversource wants to build a gas gate station on Elm Street in Hopkinton. The location is in a residential neighborhood, with homes on both sides, a daycare across the street, and an elementary school a couple hundred feet away.

Decades ago Eversource purchased this tiny residential lot, and now, with homes and schools built all around they plan on building an industrial pressurized gas complex on it. Now, while we understand that Eversource is not seeking to intentionally harm the residents and children, accidents do happen. A gas gate station (also known as gas metering and regulator stations, and city gate stations) is an industrial plant used to tap into a main pipeline and route gas into residential neighborhoods. We have visited a few other stations, none of which are as close to homes as this is proposed to be, and found them to be emitting a constant odor of gas accompanied by a constant hum and hiss.  The stations have to release a build up of pressure daily which, in turn, releases a chemical called mercaptan in the air. Mercaptan leaks and spills have caused devastating illness in communities, not to mention a constant odor of rotten egg.

This station is to be built roughly 50 feet from the bedroom windows of 5 residents, less than 150 feet from 35 residences, a couple hundred feet from Elmwood Elementary, and directly across the street from a daycare. The property is situated just up the hill from Elmwood Elementary, meaning all runoff will go directly to the children’s playground. There are 20,000 gas leaks in Massachusetts every year. Puncturing a major gas line and putting in a gas regulator station so close to homes and schools is completely inappropriate. We want Eversource to know that the safety of our children and residents should matter more than convenience.

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