We are a group of Hopkinton residents scared for our safety and the safety of our children. Our health and quality of life is being threatened and we need your help!

Eversource is planning on building a gas metering and regulator station, which they call a “gas gate” station next to our homes, school, and daycare. They didn’t pick this site because it was the best location, they chose it because it’s the most convenient. Eversource purchased a small plot decades ago. It’s been full of trees and bushes for years. Now with an entire community built around this tiny lot, on this small residential street, Eversource wants to build an industrial station that will effect our air quality impact and our quality of life.

We are asking for everyone to CONTACT REPRESENTATIVES to stop this project!!! This is not the best location for this industrial station. Exposing residents and children to the risks this complex poses, is simply unacceptable. We, the residents of Hopkinton are asking you to join us in telling Eversource “SHAME ON YOU”.