Selectmen tell Eversource they wont approve ANYTHING until Eversource improves it’s relationship with the town

Eversource sought a permit to do some construction in town. The selectmen told them that until they improve their relationship with the town, nothing will be approved. In addition, the town announces their official position in opposition to the gas gate.


Hopkinton Selectmen say “Shame on Eversource”

During the Selectmen's meeting on May 9, 2017, Hopkinton Selectmen were to hear a presentation about the new LNG station Eversource wants to build on Wilson St. Our Selectmen said that Hopkinton has been a great host to Eversource and would not pose any opposition to the project, but Eversource needs to be a good… Continue reading Hopkinton Selectmen say “Shame on Eversource”

Reminder! Board of Selectmen’s Meeting this coming Tuesday!

The Board of Selectmen has been in contact with Eversource over the gas gate station. Word on the street is that they and town fire chief Steve Slaman are not happy with the proposed location, so those are powerful allies on our side! The issue will be discussed at the Board of Selectmen's meeting next… Continue reading Reminder! Board of Selectmen’s Meeting this coming Tuesday!

Hopkinton Selectmen Meeting – 4/25

The next meeting of the Hopkinton Selectmen will be on Tuesday April 25 at 6:45PM in the Hopkinton High School Library. Eversource will be giving a presentation to the selectmen and this will be an excellent opportunity to show the company and the selectmen how strongly opposed we are to this facility being located in our neighborhood! Turn… Continue reading Hopkinton Selectmen Meeting – 4/25