How to Help




Governor Charlie Baker (617) 725-4005

Or go to his page and email him! He has the power to stop this!!!

Senator Karen Spilka (617) 722-1640

U.S. Senator Ed Markey (202) 224-2742          

(617) 565-8519 Boston office ask for Nolan O’Brien

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren: (617) 565-3170

State Representative Carolyn Dykema (617) 722-2680

Hopkinton Town Hall Selectman Chair  John Coutinho

(508) 497-9701,

Toxic Action

“Does your neighborhood have a pollution problem? Want to make your community more sustainable? Contact Toxic Action at 617-292-4821 or


If you are calling an official or governmental representative, here are some suggested talking points that you can use.

Hello, I’m calling to ask that (senator, representative, selectman, etc) say NO to the Eversource Energy proposal to locate a natural gas gate Sstation on Elm Street in Hopkinton.

  • I am very concerned about the public health and safety of the children in Elmwood elementary school, an Elm St. daycare center and residents on the street, who will be only a small number of feet away from this industrial facility.
  • Adding the complexity of a Gas Gate Station to the existing Kinder Morgan high pressure pipeline in the middle of a residential and elementary school zone that also abuts wetlands, is irresponsible and an inexcusable risk to Hopkinton residents’ health and safety.
  • Gas Gate Stations emit pollutants including PCBs and the chemical Mercaptan, that are known to cause respiratory and cardio vascular disease, fetal, neonatal and geriatric illnesses as well as causing damage to the immune system, nausea, vomiting, irritation of the eyes, and shortness of breath. Children are extra vulnerable because their lungs are still developing and they are closer to and play on the ground where pollutants settle.
  • Gas Gate Stations emit the odor of Mercaptan that is an additive to natural gas that give it the rotten egg smell. These stations also operate with a continuous vibrating hum and loud hiss which will have a huge negative impact the quality of life for children and adults.
  • Eversource Energy representatives indicated that this residential location is not their first choice, but that it is the most convenient for them. The lot is currently zoned as residential. Eversource Energy plans to have the state of Massachusetts overturn our town zoning and bylaws to accommodate their proposal.

Eversource Energy plans to file their plan for approval with the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities in April. I am asking for you to watch for their proposal and to say NO. Elm Street is not an appropriate location to build an industrial natural Gas Gate Station facility. Any other response, puts the health and safety of Elm Street children and adults at risk.

Additional Info and Questions:

What is a Gas Gate Station – A Gas Gate Station (also known as a gas metering or regulator station, or a city gate station, is an industrial facility that taps into a high pressure pipeline, reduces the gas pressure through the station and routes gas to Hopkinton and surrounding towns through towns’ existing infrastructure. All the stations emit a constant odor of the Mercaptan (used to give natural gas an odor) and are also accompanied by incessant hum vibration and hissing noise.

Mercaptan is delivered by truck to the Gas Gate Station and loaded into the system. What happens when there is an unintended large or small spill of this chemical. Residents in Alabama are very aware of the danger of Gas Gate Station spills that got into the soil and ground water making residents sick for years.

The lot is located a few hundred feet from an elementary school, directly across the street from a Daycare center, approximately 50 ft from the windows of 5 homes, and less than 200 ft from 36 residences.

Public Utilities are increasingly targeted for cyber attacks. Placing a natural gas facility in a school zone and residential area is irresponsible and will provide a lure to individuals or groups who pose a threat.

What happens when there is an accident at this proposed site in the middle of a week day? There are hundreds of children to evacuate from the school, and hundreds of residents to evacuate. The small street cannot accommodate both the evacuation of residents and children AND the arrival of emergency crews.

What about human error? Safety features fail… even if it’s a small percentage, how dare Eversource gamble with our lives and the lives of our children. If there is no error, Eversource is still threatening the quality of life of everyone in the immediate area of this industrial complex.

Elm Street is an inappropriate location an industrial facility and Eversource must identify an appropriate location to install appropriate. Somewhere where people will not be affected, and will not have to live in fear.